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10 Best Freelance Writing Niches You Can’t Possibly Ignore

If you’re a writer in a dilemma of choosing the best freelance writing niches, this is the best article you will ever come across today.

First things first, you’re not alone in this. 

Every freelance writer faces this same challenge at the start of their career, so it’s common for you to experience such.

We have scoured the writing industry to provide you with 10 freelance writing niches that will pay you the big bucks without adding an extra load to your busy schedule. 

So keep reading to know more about them!


Best Freelance Writing Niches: Why Choosing One is Important

Before discussing this, let’s see what a freelance writing niche is about. 

In simple terms, a freelance writing niche refers to a specific area of writing that a writer specializes in

This could be a specific industry, say health and wellness, finance, technology, travel, beauty, and fashion, to name a few. 

It could be a content type taking expository, persuasive, or descriptive forms. 

Whichever it is, it should match the writer’s interests and unique skills.

Choosing a writing niche is one of the crucial decisions you must make as a freelance writer to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract clients who will pay you what you deserve. 

Also, producing high-quality content becomes easier when you decide to niche down. This is because the topic you write on aligns with your interests and experience. 

And so, it banishes every chance of struggling with writer’s block and burnout associated with writing about an entirely new subject matter. 

10 Best Freelance Writing Niches in 2023

In the early stages of your writing career, most writing gurus may advise you to take on different writing projects as much as you can, and they wouldn’t be wrong. 

The reason is that starting as a generalist offers you a boatload of opportunities and will give you the experience you need to take your career to the next level. 

However, as you advance, it makes sense to double down on just one industry or a cluster of related niches to have a steady stream of clients who want specialized content and command higher rates. 

If you’re looking for a freelance writing niche that best suits you, here are some of the top contenders: 

Based on Industry

1. Personal Finance


The finance market blossoms with lots of writing opportunities for freelancers. 

Year after year, credit card and loan companies invest thousands of dollars in content creation in marketing their banking products and services to their customers. 

So if you’re passionate about writing on investment, money management, and credit monitoring, you can fit in as a finance writer. 

In addition to your passion, try to develop yourself in this field by taking finance courses or volunteering for a company to have the edge over your competitors. 

Expected income: You can find clients paying up to $1000 for a project or $30-$38 per hour. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and so on.

2. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming mainstream in many parts of America today, hence the rise in writing opportunities in this niche. 

Many DeFi companies usually search for writers like you with in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, crypto trading, and even altcoin investment to help create content about these complex topics in a friendly and engaging way to read.

Even as a beginner, you have a chance here. Some clients may hire you to write basic introductory guides for them and compensate you with decent pay. 

Expected income: This varies from client to client, but the average is $20-$58 for a 500-word article. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, CryptoGigs, and Cryptogrind.

3. Real Estate

Another niche that made it to this list is real estate. 

The reason is that the real estate industry grows daily, with possibilities galore for those passionate about this niche. 

Professionals like real estate agents, property managers, and appraisers turn to online marketing to reach a wider audience. 

So, they hunt for competent writers who can create content that best represents their businesses and connect with their target market. 

Expected income: If you can deliver high-quality content in this niche, clients will pay you between $500-$1000 per project or an hourly rate of $75. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs, and more.

4. Travel/Tourism


Although it took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has skyrocketed ever since that time, contributing to about 7.1% of America’s private employment. 

Many travel agencies need engaging content for their websites, brochures, and marketing campaigns. 

They can easily hire you to write for them and pay you up to $1000. 

But first, you must be good at storytelling. 

That’s because you will be expected to craft captivating content about exotic destinations that make people feel like they’re on vacation. 

Related topics you could cover include travel reviews, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and travel lifestyles.

Expected income: A full-time travel writer averages $35 per hour in the US. 

Sites to look out for: Linkedin, Travel Massive, Wanderlust, and so on.

5. Health

A good ol’ saying says, “Health is wealth.” But not everyone cares about his health. And those that try don’t even know the right way to. 

So, this is an area where the healthcare industry thrives. 

Many health professionals leverage the internet to educate the public on sensitive health issues and sell to them.

And again, this is where you come in as a health writer. 

You will help them effectively market to their target market by creating high-quality content. But, you must first have a solid background in the health field to stand a chance here.

Expected income: As a freelance health writer, you can earn between $100-$200 per project.

Sites to look out for: Upwork, ProBlogger, Contena, and Freelancer.

Based on the Content-Type

6. Landing pages & sales pages

Landing and sales pages (both referred to as sales copy) work hand-in-hand to increase conversions in a business, which is why many business owners are willing to bet big on anyone who is an expert at writing them. 

This niche is perfect for you if you love writing and can easily convince people. 

By creating winning sales copy for a brand, you help to bring in thousands of dollars in revenue — making it easier for the owner to pay you $1000 upwards for a project. 

Expected income: Most writers charge $60 per hour while working full-time. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, Fiverr, FlexJobs, Freelancer, and more.


7. Long-form blog posts

Quality traffic is the soul of a business. One way it can be generated is by creating long-form blog posts, particularly SEO-optimized ones. 

Long-form blog posts usually serve as in-depth guides that focus on educating the target readers on a subject matter and offering handy tips. 

Since creating an SEO-optimized blog post takes a chunk of time, business owners outsource this task to freelance writers who have a solid understanding of the topic to be discussed and are up-to-date with the best SEO practices.

Expected income: As a long-form blog writer, you can charge between $125-$250 per blog post. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, Fiverr, FlexJobs, ProBlogger, and more.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest niches in the freelance writing industry that still pays much more today.

That’s because emailing is an effective strategy business owners deploy to engage their leads or customers and build trust in them. 

So, it’s an industry that will always be in demand. 

If you know your chops, you can be hired to do everything from audience segmentation, sending email sequences to these different segments, to making sure these emails land in the primary folder. 

That being said, having a good knowledge of email software like Mailchimp is a big plus. 

Expected income: You can demand an hourly rate of $15-$40 as a freelance email writer.

Sites to look out for: Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and so on.

9. Ghostwriting

This list will be incomplete without including ghostwriting. 

It’s up there with the best-paying niches, with writers in this niche earning a whopping $52,835 annually!

As a ghostwriter, you get to work with diverse clients, whether retirees, coaches, or entrepreneurs, helping them convert what’s in their minds (ideas and experience) into a book people are eager to read. 

Ultimately, depending on the agreement, they pay you off and retain the copyright. 

Sure, ghostwriting is no walk in the park, but if you have what it takes, you could make a living off this hustle.

If you can deliver creative, substantive content with no fluff, you will have a steady pipeline of clients who pay you well. 

Expected income: Depending on your experience and the kind of project, you can earn anywhere from $4-$40 per page. 

Sites to look out for: Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and ProBlogger.

 10. Case studies & white papers

Case studies are pivotal to a brand’s success because they provide an in-depth examination of a problem or situation. 

They involve collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as interviews, surveys, and medical records. They normally take different forms, including observational studies, clinical trials, and retrospective analyses.

White papers are similar to case studies in that they define a common challenge in a business and present viable solutions to it. 

However, white papers are longer and more technical than case studies. 

So, to be considered for jobs in this industry, you must be a very good technical writer and storyteller. 

Expected income: You can charge $2000 per case study and between $2000-$10.000 per white paper.

Sites to look out for: Upwork and Linkedin.


FAQs About Best Freelance Writing Niches

What are the best websites to find work?

Countless websites/job boards are available to freelancers to find writing jobs. Still, the top three are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.  

What is the most competitive niche?

Health and wellness s the most competitive niche right now. It has several sub-niches and has the potential to reach $665.37 billion by 2028.

How do I choose my writing niche?

Assess your skills and interests thoroughly, then look for the niche that best aligns with you. 

If the search becomes tricky, speak to a mentor about it. Also, take on different projects to see which is perfectly suited to you.

Best Freelance Writing Niches – Summary

As you can see, many freelance writing niches exist to explore. 

Each offers unique opportunities to flex your creative muscles and grow your writing skills. 

Whether you specialize in travel writing, email marketing, ghostwriting, or any other niche, the key to success is finding the intersection of your passions and marketable skills. 

So why not take the leap and start exploring these niches today? Your next big writing adventure could be just around the corner.

Feel free to drop your questions/comments in the comment section if you have any. And keep your eyes peeled on this space for more exciting content like this!