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Get Paid by Walking? Yes, It’s Possible To Earn And Stay Fit in 2023 With These 13 Apps!

Are you looking for ways to stay active and earn some extra cash? Good news! You can now get paid by walking.

That’s right; certain apps and programs will reward you just for putting one foot in front of the other.

These innovative apps turn your fitness efforts into real rewards.

With options specially tailored for fitness enthusiasts or those looking to shed some excess pounds, walking has never been more exciting or motivating.

We’ll discuss some of the best apps shortly.

For now, lace up your sneakers and prepare to embark on a profitable fitness journey!

Stay tuned, and we’ll share how you can make the most out of your daily walks and transform your steps into earnings.

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Get Paid by Walking: How it Works

These apps that pay by walking use your phone’s GPS and motion sensors to track your walking or other activities.

They usually reward you with points that can be exchanged for cash or prizes.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how it works:

  1. Download a walking app.
  2. Set up your account and connect to your preferred tracking device.
  3. Start walking, and let the app do the rest.

The more you walk, the more points or rewards you receive.

Some apps even support charitable donations, meaning you can contribute to a good cause while staying active.

But remember to be realistic with your expectations. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to become rich overnight!

The earnings from these apps will be small, but it’s still a fun and healthy way to earn extra cash.

So, are you ready to get started? Let’s explore some of these apps and find the perfect one for you!

13 Apps Where You Can Get Paid by Walking

1. Sweatcoin

Get paid by walking thru the Sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin is a free app that rewards you with cryptocurrency for walking.

All you need to do is download the app and keep your phone with you while walking.

The app converts your steps into “sweatcoins,” which can be redeemed for various prizes.

Some prizes you can get are:

  1. Fitness gear and apparel: Redeem fitness gear and apparel, such as running shoes, workout clothes, and fitness trackers.
  2. Subscription services: Purchase subscriptions to various health and wellness services such as meditation apps, meal delivery services, and gym memberships.
  3. Outdoor experiences: You can book outdoor experiences like hiking, camping, and fitness retreats.
  4. Gadgets and electronics: Sweatcoins can also be redeemed for various gadgets and electronics, such as smartwatches, wireless headphones, and fitness trackers.
  5. Charity donations: If you feel like donating your Sweatcoins to various charities and nonprofit organizations supporting health and wellness initiatives, you can do that too!

2. Lympo

Looking for an app that rewards you for completing walking challenges? Lympo is your answer.

Simply join a challenge, complete it within the timeframe, and earn Lym tokens to spend on rewards.

LYM tokens can be used to purchase fitness gear, apparel, and other products and services within the app.

This app also offers personalized workout plans based on users’ fitness goals, fitness levels, and preferred workout types.

You can access these plans for FREE within the app!

The Lympo app also provides daily health and wellness tips, including nutrition advice, workout tips, and mindfulness practices.

You’ll also get a community of users to support and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

You can connect with others, share progress, and compete in challenges.

Just download the app, sign up, and get walking!

3. Charity Miles

Want to help others while getting paid to walk?

With Charity Miles, you can support a charity by logging your walking or running workouts.

What I love about this is it allows you to choose from a list of over 40 charities to support with your workouts.

For every mile you walk, run, or bike, the app will donate money to your chosen charity.

This could give you a sense of purpose and motivation to exercise regularly, knowing that every mile you complete will benefit a worthy cause.

The app uses your phone’s GPS and motion sensors to track your mileage and donate on your behalf.

4. Evidation

Get rewarded for being active with Evidation.

Here, you can earn points for walking, biking, running, swimming, and more.

The Evidation app allows you to securely share your health data from fitness trackers, sleep monitors, and blood pressure monitors.

This data is used for research studies focused on different health topics.

You can learn about your own healthy thru the personalized health insights you’ll get on the app.

In Evidation, you can earn up to 80 points a day.

These points can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards, fitness gear, and other products and services.

Sign up on their website and start tracking your activities!

5. HealthyWage

Get paid by walking thru HealthyWage

Want to lose weight and earn money simultaneously?

HealthyWage lets you place a bet on your weight loss, and if you achieve your goal, you win.

Here. you can set a weight loss goal and a timeline for achieving it.

Use the app’s calculator to determine how much money you can earn if you achieve your goal.

To start, you need to place a bet on yourself.

You can choose the amount of money you want to bet and the duration of your weight loss challenge.

If you achieve your goal within the designated time frame, you win the money you bet on yourself, plus a cash prize!

Take note that the amount of money you win depends on the amount of your bet, your weight loss goal, and the duration of your weight loss challenge.

This app allows you to track your weight loss progress and see how much money you’ve earned so far.

You can connect the app to other health and fitness apps to track your exercise and diet.

Get support by connecting with other users, participating in challenges, and getting tips and advice from health and fitness experts.

Just enter your details, set your goal, and get moving towards a healthier and wealthier you!

6. Runtopia

Runtopia is an app that rewards you with virtual coins for walking and other outdoor activities.

It’s designed for runners that provides training plans, tracking tools, and social features.

In Runtopia, you can:

  1. Set your goals: The Runtopia app allows you to set your running goals, such as completing a certain distance or time, and create a personalized training plan to achieve them.
  2. Track your runs: The app uses GPS tracking to track your runs and record data such as distance, pace, and calories burned. You can also connect the app to other fitness trackers and wearables.
  3. Get real-time feedback: The Runtopia app provides real-time audio feedback during your runs, including pace, distance, and calories burned. This can help you stay on track and motivated.
  4. Join challenges: The Runtopia app offers various challenges and virtual races that you can participate in to compete with other users and earn rewards.
  5. Connect with other runners: The app has a social component that allows you to connect with other runners, share your progress, and get support and motivation from the community.
  6. Earn rewards: The Runtopia app allows you to earn rewards such as gift cards and other prizes for completing challenges and achieving your goals.

Download the app, sign up, and let the rewards roll in!

7. PK Rewards

Turn your workouts into rewards through PK Rewards.

The PK Rewards app offers various challenges that you can participate in to earn points.

These challenges may include running a certain distance, completing a certain number of workouts, or burning a certain number of calories.

You can also earn points by referring friends to the PK Rewards app.

PK Rewards partners with various brands and organizations where they organize sponsored activities like virtual races and fitness classes.

You can earn points by participating in these activities.

These points can be redeemed for offers and discounts from partner brands or as gift cards, fitness gear, and other products and services.

8. Cash Walk

With Cash Walk, walking becomes more rewarding.

Earn “cash points” for every step you take, which can be redeemed for various rewards like gift cards and PayPal cash.

You can connect the app to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to automatically track your steps and other fitness data.

Connect with friends and compete with them in fitness challenges. This can provide motivation and support to help you achieve your fitness goals.

You can also support charitable causes by donating a portion of your cash points.

Download the app and get started right away.

9. Higi

Get Paid by Walking thru Higi

Higi is a comprehensive health-tracking app that also rewards you for walking and other activities.

You can connect the Higi app to your health data from other apps and devices, such as fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and glucose monitors, to get personalized health insights and recommendations.

They have Higi health stations available at various locations like grocery stores and pharmacies where you can measure your blood pressure, weight, and body fat percentage.

What I liked about this is it allows you to connect with healthcare providers such as doctors and pharmacists.

You can book appointments, receive health recommendations, and get prescriptions filled through the app.

And, of course, the app offers rewards such as discounts on health and wellness products and services.

10. StepBet

Ready for some friendly competition while earning money?

StepBet lets you bet on yourself to hit your step goals, and if you succeed, you win cash from the collective pot.

Here, you can join various games based on your fitness level and step goals.

Each game has a set duration, usually six weeks, and a specific step goal that you need to reach each week.

It also calculates your personalized step goals based on your past activity level to challenge you to increase your activity level by a certain percentage each week.

If you meet your step goals for the duration of the game, you win a share of the cash prize pool. The prize pool is funded by the entry fees of all the players in the game.

Download the app, set your goals, and walk your way to victory!

11. BetterPoints

Earn rewards for walking and making healthier choices with BetterPoints.

The BetterPoints app also offers various challenges that you can participate in to earn points.

These challenges may include walking, cycling, using public transportation, and reducing your carbon footprint.

You can even join group challenges and competitions!

For every sustainable and healthy action you take, you earn BetterPoints.

These points can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards, discounts, and charitable donations.

So, sign up through their website and make your steps count.

12. Map My Fitness

Join the Map My Fitness community to track your workouts, join challenges, and earn rewards for staying active.

The Map My Fitness app tracks various fitness activities, including running, walking, cycling, and swimming.

It allows you to set goals for your fitness activities, such as running a certain distance or burning a certain number of calories.

You can also get personalized insights based on your activity data, such as how to improve your performance and reach your goals.

You’ll get achievements and badges for completing certain activities and reaching certain milestones.

Map My Fitness has partnered with various brands and retailers to offer discounts and promotions to its users.

These discounts and promotions can be accessed through the app and can help users save money on fitness-related products and services.

So, connect your favorite fitness tracker and start collecting badges and prizes for your efforts.

13. Carrot Wellness

Leverage your phone to get healthy and earn rewards with Carrot Wellness.

The Carrot Wellness app lets you set personalized step goals based on your fitness and activity levels.

You can even compete with other users for fitness challenges.

Every step towards your goal lets you earn points.

You can earn points by reaching your step goals, completing challenges, and participating in other activities such as logging meals and completing surveys.

These points can be redeemed for gift cards, discounts, and other products and services.

You can also choose to donate a portion of your carrot coins to charitable institutions.

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The Pros and Cons of Getting Paid to Walk


Who wouldn’t want to earn money just by walking?

Several apps pay you to walk, making it a fun way to motivate yourself to get healthy.

Walking is easy on the joints and helps prevent heart disease and stroke.

Plus, you can take breaks when needed – there’s no pressure!

And the best part? You’re in control of your pace and schedule.

You can even combine walking with errands or bonding time with your dog.


But as with any opportunity, there might be some challenges.

A few apps require you to sync a fitness tracker and reach a specific goal before you can earn money.

You must also stay consistent with your walking routine, which can be hard when life gets busy.

But remember, a short stroll is better than no stroll, right?


Are you already imagining all the money you’ll make while walking? Hold on a second.

There are limitations to getting paid to walk.

For example, most apps cap the amount you can earn daily or weekly.

Additionally, you can’t get rich solely from walking, but every little bit counts.

So, get those walking shoes ready and start putting one foot in front of the other!

You’ll see the benefits, both physically and financially, in no time.

Get Paid By Walking: Conclusion

So, you want to earn rewards for walking? Great news!

There are plenty of apps that pay you just for doing what you already do daily. Isn’t that amazing?

One of the best things about these paid walking apps is the motivation they provide.

You won’t simply be walking for exercise; you’ll earn extra cash or rewards, making your walk more beneficial.

Moreover, many apps also let you join challenges or invite friends for friendly competitions, boosting your motivation even more.

Who wouldn’t love a little extra fun while getting paid, right?

Now, imagine getting healthier, wealthier, and happier just by walking!

So, why wait?

Download some of these apps today, and start earning rewards while improving your fitness.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and turn your steps into dollars!

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