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Want to Get Paid for Online Reviews? Here’s How!

Online reviews help consumers decide which product, service, or software is right for them. 

Statistics show that 95% of customers read through reviews before purchasing. And 54.7% of them read four or more reviews before buying a product.

No doubt that online reviews are also important for businesses as these can also help them attract new customers.

And did you know that there’s a way to make money writing these reviews? 

In fact, you can do so from the comfort of your home!

All you need are probably available already at your fingertips.

Here, we round up the best platforms that can pay you real money in exchange for online reviews!


18 Platforms Where You Can Get Paid for Online Reviews

1. Kirkus

Do you like reading books? Would you like to read books for free in exchange for your review?

Kirkus could be just right for you! 

After signing up, you can choose whatever book you want, which they can send you.

After receiving the book, you will have two weeks to finish reading it, make an opinion, and then write a 350 to 500-word review about the book.

Not only do you get to enjoy another literary masterpiece for free, but you can also earn up to $60 per review on Kirkus.

For a bookworm like me, nothing can get more attractive than that!

2. Capterra

Capterra is a software review website that lets you choose from over 30,000 products to write reviews about.

You will have to meet some strict criteria to get started, though. 

First, you need to verify your identity with LinkedIn. Then, once you submit a review, you might be asked to send a couple of screenshots as approval that you actually used the software.

When all that’s done and dusted, you can start earning real money with your software reviews. 

And with around $10 per review, Capterra is a solid option for software enthusiasts.

3. PINCHme

How does getting a free sample of new products every week sound to you? Not bad, right?

With PINCHme, all this is possible with as little effort as a few minutes of your time during the week.

The process is simple. 

You choose a product on their website, they ship it to you, and you write a review on it. That’s it.

The caveat is that you won’t earn any money but can keep the product. It’s great for anyone who likes to test out new stuff occasionally.

If it’s me getting the free samples, hey, I’m not complaining!

4. Review Stream

If you’re a person that loves sharing your experience with friends or family, then Review Stream is your best buddy.

Here you can write reviews about nearly every topic. Travel experiences, movies, different products and services–they’re all welcome at Review Stream.

But not so fast, bud. There are requirements you need to comply with first before you start writing.

Check out their article on how to write reviews first!

You can expect to make between $0.50 to $2.50 per review, but you can earn cash bonuses if your reviews get a lot of likes.

And once you get the ball rolling, you can cash out every ten reviews via PayPal.

5. User Testing

Because many software companies need to ensure everything is going smoothly, they pay testers to find errors and share their experience using the software.

User Testing acts as the middleman between tech companies and testers. This is where you can shine!

Instead of writing reviews, testers record videos of themselves while trying out the software.

And this is how it works: 

  1. Register by submitting your email
  2. Answer some questions
  3. Match with a couple of software
  4. Review them

The payment varies from as low as $3 up to $60 per review, but on average, you will get $10 for a 20-minute review video.


6. Slicethepie

Attention music lovers!

Slicethepie is a review website for music and fashion, allowing music junkies to make money by giving their opinion on different songs.

Yes, this is not a joke! 

To get started, you must register on the website, choose a song, listen to it for at least 90 seconds, and leave a review.

There is no limit on how many reviews you’re allowed to submit. 

Depending on the genre, you can earn $0.20 per review

And what’s more, you can also leave reviews on the latest fashion trends!

I know 20 cents may not sound much, but compared to the required “work”, it is definitely a solid option to use some of your free time productively.

7. Listverse

Maybe writing a little review on a product or service isn’t enough for you. 

Perhaps you’re someone who likes to write a lot. 

And maybe, you want to write about a bunch of different things.

If that’s the case, we have some good news for you! 

Listverse is a review website that lets people publish articles in the top ten listings.

The great thing about this is that you can choose any topic to write about. Listverse covers articles about movies, history, society, food, sports, and many more.

Listverse keeps things simple for you. 

You write an article with a list of ten or more keyphrases, and they pay you $100 each. Top that!

8. G2

Next on this list is a reliable software review website that pays its writers solid money. 

G2 is pretty straightforward when it comes to writing reviews.

You start by picking software on their website before creating an account. Just like that, you can begin writing a review of the software.

The range of niches to choose from is another big plus. Finance, marketing, tech, sales, e-commerce, design, and many more can be found here.

After identifying yourself with LinkedIn, you’re good to go! 

Usually, the payment is between $5 to $15 per review, but for specific types of software, you can even get up to $25.

9. Moms Meet

The name says it all. 

This website is perfect for moms who like to share their opinions with other moms while getting healthy, eco-friendly products delivered to their door.

Signing up is completely free. 

You must apply for the Community Member or Mom Ambassador membership levels to write reviews.

After submitting reviews, you will earn points which can be redeemed for products, gift cards, and more. 

100 bonus points will be transferred to your account as a sign-up bonus.

10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably one of the most popular sites on this list. 

It’s really easy to use, and you can earn money with a bunch of different things.

Swagbucks offers its users a wide variety of tasks, from taking surveys to testing products to writing reviews. 

You can even make money while playing games on Swagbucks!

Yet again, it has a point system, with 100 Swagbucks equating to $1. 

These Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards, cash via Paypal, or even as a check via mail.

Earning between $1 to $5 per day is common at Swagbucks, and there even is a $20 sign-up bonus.


11. Clicks Research

Here is another website where you can get free product samples in exchange for your opinion.

Clicks Research lets you choose cosmetics, skincare, fashion, food & beverage products, and more.

It’s the same procedure as on most product testing websites. 

They send you a chosen product, you answer some questions on the product, and you get to keep the sample.

Or you can just complete a survey and earn click points if no products are available. 

With 2,500 Click points, you will get $25.

12. Rebatest

Wouldn’t it be awesome to browse through an online store where every listed product is for free? 

That’s kinda how the next website on this list works.

Rebatest lets you order products for free in exchange for a review. 

You’ll just need to sign up, find a product you like, and when it arrives, you’ll need to write a review to get your cashback via PayPal.

Due to its wide range of products, it’s pretty easy to find something interesting.

Even though you’re not getting paid here, Rebatest is still an excellent option for anyone that likes binge shopping.

13. Valued Voice

Welcome to Valued Voice, a website where you can use your social media accounts, set your own rates, and work independently.

It is as simple and liberating as it sounds. You create an account, connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or even your blog, set your rate, and that’s it. 

You’ll get notified when there is a job available. 

After submitting your work by the deadline, it will be reviewed, and then you will get the money added to your account.

Valued Voice even lets you decide when to get your payout. 

With 72 hours after completion being the fastest payout option, you’re truly flexible!

14. Sponsored Tweets

This website is perfect for anyone who loves to tweet and has a decent subscriber base on Twitter. With Sponsored Tweets, you can surely make some easy money.

Basically, you will get paid to post on your Twitter account. The bigger your following, the more money you can make.

This is no hard writing job since the tweets need only 140 characters or less. Payment is provided via PayPal, which is another plus point.

Because the payment relies so heavily on your Twitter subscriber count, it’s hard to guess how much money you can make.

But to give you some rough numbers, 75k followers can cost $75 to $125 per post, while a 2K following can get you $6 per tweet.

15. Book Browse

Another book review website on this list is called Book Browse. 

Living in the US, you will get your book shipped right to your home. If you live overseas, you’ll need to get comfortable reading e-books.

Usually, reviewers write about one review per month, with strict requirements. 

The reviews must be written at a high level and include at least 300 words. Book Browse wants its reviewers to write “beyond the book,” so you definitely need to boost your creativity.

To get started, you’ll need to fill out an application form and wait for the approval.

This is definitely not a website you can get rich from. Book Browse describes its payment as “modest.”


16. Start a Review Blog of your own!

Hey, here’s an idea. Why not… start a review blog of your own!

The reward may not be instant as the others, but good things come to those who wait, right?

You can buy a cheap domain on Bluehost and create an appealing website on WordPress.

The best thing about a blog is the freedom. The topics you write about, the frequency you want to deliver, the writing style of your content… that’s all up to you!

Once your blog gets decent readers, you can start making money. Putting affiliate links and running ads on your blog can also get you some cold cash.

In the long run, it even has the potential to replace your full-time job and develop into a real business. 

What’s cool about doing blogs is your articles stay online, which can make you money while you sleep!

Talk about a passive income!

17. Start your own YouTube Channel

If you’re more adept at talking than writing, there’s another way for you. And this is a pretty popular industry for Gen Z these days.

Start your own review vlog on YoutTube!

What’s good about this is you don’t even have to buy a domain or create your website to start a YouTube channel.

This can also give you monthly income just from your existing content.

You only need a camera (phone cameras work fine, too!) and a laptop for video editing.

And pro tip: A great way to get engagement on your YouTube Channel nowadays is posting short clips on TikTok frequently.

Why not go with the trend? You’ll never know… you could be the next big TikTok star!

Just as with creating your own blog, the sky is the limit when earning from YouTube.

18. Amazon Vine Reviews

If you’re like me, who frequently orders from Amazon, consider leaving detailed reviews about the products after your purchase.

Amazon’s program lets its members write special reviews on all sorts of products on their site.

The tricky part is joining the program as Amazon chooses who gets invited. You might need to write a few reviews before you are considered to join.

But if you make it into the program, you can get all kinds of free products from Amazon delivered to your door to write a review about!

You won’t earn any money here, but getting Amazon products and special offers? What could top that?!

FAQs on Getting Paid for Online Reviews

Where do I get paid the most?

Having your own blog or YouTube Chanel can literally make you a millionaire.

Still, these are the most challenging ways to make money with online reviews, as it takes a lot of time and unpaid work to succeed in these industries.

Which are the best websites to make money with online reviews?

It really depends on what type of person you are.

But in terms of what you can get for the work you have to deliver, Capterra, G2, and Listverse are solid.

For video reviews, User Testing is the best.

What skills are required for a reviewer?

A typical soft skill among reviewers is patience. Having integrity, organizational skills, and communication skills can also help you establish your own brand as a reviewer.

What do I need to get paid for online reviews?

You honestly don’t need a lot. 

Along with internet access, even just a phone can often be enough. 

But working on a laptop or desktop computer for most jobs is preferable.


Get Paid for Online Reviews – Summary

And there you have it… 18 websites where you can get paid for online reviews!

You can get paid with real cash or free products; either is a win in exchange for reviews.

With this list, we tried to pick the most trustworthy and valuable websites out there. 

Anyone will find a website that matches well with their interests–from moms on healthy diets to bookworms who want to extend their book collection.

Will you try one of these websites? Did you ever get paid to write a review? Leave us a comment down below!