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15 Best Jobs That Don’t Drug Test in 2023

Are you tired of worrying about drug tests when searching for a job?

A growing number of jobs and companies no longer require drug testing as part of their hiring process.

In this article, we’ll take you through some exciting job opportunities that don’t involve the stress of drug tests.

Many industries are moving away from pre-employment drug screening, recognizing the costs and inefficiencies associated with it.

So, whether you’re just starting your career or exploring new opportunities, get ready to discover roles that will allow you to focus on your skills and talents without the added concern of drug tests.

Enjoy the journey ahead!


Types of Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Many exciting job opportunities don’t require drug testing.

For example, as a nail technician, you can unleash your creativity in the beauty industry.

Or, consider becoming a real estate agent and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Retail stores, the tech sector, management positions, and chain restaurants are also fantastic options for drug-test-free job environments.

Want to dive into your artistic side?

Design studios, entertainment gigs, and flower shops are perfect choices.

Meanwhile, warehouse jobs and the freelance sector offer you even more drug-test-free opportunities.

Why Do Some Employers Require Drug Tests?

Why Do Some Employers Require Drug Tests?

Employers tend to require drug tests in an effort to discourage employees from using illegal drugs.

By performing tests like urine, hair, or saliva tests, they aim to detect and even penalize those who choose to partake in such activities.

Often, the primary concern is to ensure that employees are fit for their positions, especially when the job entails considerable responsibility.

Random drug tests are conducted to identify and address any potential substance abuse among workers.

If an employee fails a test, they could face negative consequences, such as losing their job for not abiding by the law and not being deemed a reputable worker.

While some may argue that drug use does not impact job performance unless it directly affects one’s ability to work, it can be challenging to make that determination.

For this reason, many employers choose to implement pre-employment drug tests and random drug tests as a preventive measure to maintain a drug-free workplace.

So, be aware of your workplace’s policies and know that the importance of being drug-free extends beyond your personal life and into your professional one, too.

Companies That Skip Drug Testing

You might be surprised to learn that numerous successful companies like AmazonApple, Google, and Starbucks don’t require drug tests for their employees.

Here’s a selection of major companies that have decided to forego drug testing:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Chipotle
  • Whole Foods
  • Petsmart
  • Michael’s
  • Trader Joe’s

This trend shows that even some of the biggest companies trust their employees to be responsible and productive without invasive drug testing.

It’s a great reminder that talented workers can still thrive in companies with more relaxed screening policies!

Types of Jobs That Regularly Conduct Drug Tests

Jobs in the Federal Government

When it comes to maintaining a drug-free workplace, the federal government is serious.

In 1988, the Drug-Free Workplace Act was enacted, requiring federal agency contractors to ensure a drug-free environment as a precondition for receiving a contract or grant.

Positions within the Government

Safety-sensitive government jobs demand strict adherence to regulations.

These positions cannot afford to have employees under the influence of drugs, so strict measures are in place to minimize risk.

Government Agency Roles

Many government agencies require that potential employees successfully pass pre-employment drug testing.

Drug Testing Policy Guidelines

Most private employers don’t have drug testing policies, but safety-sensitive and regulated industries do have exceptions.

Ensuring that prescription drugs aren’t misused is a policy challenge necessary for safety and compliance.

The Pre-Employment Drug Testing Process

A pre-employment drug test is used to determine if an applicant has used illicit substances or misused alcohol or medications.

Common tests include urine, hair, and breath alcohol testing, with blood tests occasionally being requested.

Substances like marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines are typically tested for, along with certain prescription drugs.

Pre-employment drug testing is often included in the contract terms and conditions for employment.

Additionally, some employers may carry out random drug tests to ensure compliance.

As a potential employee, it’s essential to be aware of these policies when joining the company.

Jobs That Don’t Drug Test 2023

Here Are 15 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

1. Food Delivery Driver

As a food delivery driver, you don’t need to worry about drug tests.

You can earn approximately $12-13 per hour.

Just ensure you’re at least 19 years old (21 for Chicago and Las Vegas), and have a valid driver’s license, insurance, a vehicle, and a smartphone.

Be aware that a background check may be conducted.

2. Chef

Being a chef typically doesn’t require drug testing.

Salaries can range from $19,763 to $61,042, depending on your skills and experience.

Restaurant managers and wait staff also don’t usually undergo drug testing.

3. Web Developer

Working as a web developer offers the flexibility of freelancing and doesn’t require drug testing.

Skills required include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and back-end programming languages.

You can find jobs on platforms like Upwork,, and Fiverr.

4. Photographer

Whether you’re an event or hobby photographer, drug tests aren’t typically required.

Annual salaries can reach up to $100k for professional photographers.

5. YouTuber

No drug testing is involved in being a YouTuber.

While starting with a small income, earning potential increases as you grow your channel.

You can monetize through display ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

6. Social Media Influencer

Like YouTubers, social media influencers don’t need to worry about drug tests.

With many followers and sponsorships, earnings can surpass $50,000.

7. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant, you can help organize schedules and meetings for individuals or companies without undergoing drug tests.

VA earnings range from $20-60 per hour, depending on specialization.

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8. Handyman

As a handyman, you will not be subject to drug tests, but a background check is usually required.

You can schedule projects as needed and earn a steady income with flexible work hours.

9. Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer offers the flexibility of freelancing without drug testing.

You can work on various projects and use platforms like Upwork and 99 Designs to find jobs.

10. Website Tester

A website tester’s job is to evaluate websites and provide feedback.

This job doesn’t require drug tests, and you can find opportunities on platforms like UserTesting and TryMyUI.

11. Personal Shopper

Being a personal shopper means helping clients find products they need.

Without undergoing drug tests, you can earn a salary by assisting customers with their purchases.

12. Dog Sitter or Walker

If you love animals, consider becoming a dog sitter or walker.

This job doesn’t require drug tests, and you can find work on platforms like Rover or Wag.

13. Interior Designer

Working as an interior designer allows you to showcase your creativity without drug tests.

With varying salaries depending on experience, you can design beautiful spaces for clients.

14. Nail Technician

In the beauty sector, nail technicians don’t need to worry about undergoing drug tests.

You can work freelance or at a salon and serve clients with stunning nail designs.

15. Food and Beverage Worker

Working in the food and beverage industry, you may find job opportunities without drug testing, such as a barista or bartender.

Enjoy the flexibility and thrill of working in a fast-paced environment.

Jobs That Don’t Drug Test: FAQs

What types of jobs typically don’t drug test?

Jobs in industries such as technology, creative arts, and customer service are less likely to drug test than jobs in industries such as healthcare, transportation, and law enforcement.

Do all companies have drug testing policies?

No, not all companies have drug testing policies. It depends on the company’s industry, size, and other factors.

Can you still get hired if you fail a drug test?

It depends on the company’s policies.

Some companies may not hire individuals who fail a drug test, while others may offer a second chance or require rehabilitation before employment.

In some states, employees who use legal substances outside of work are protected from discrimination by their employers. However, this varies by state and employer.

Can you be fired for using drugs outside of work if your job doesn’t require a drug test?

It depends on the employer’s policies.

Some employers may have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and may terminate employees who use drugs outside of work, even if they don’t drug test.

Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Jobs That Don’t Drug Test: Wrapping Up

It’s exciting to know that various job opportunities are available to you, regardless of your drug testing concerns.

Among these jobs that don’t require a drug test, you will find one that aligns with your passion and pays well in the US.

Keep searching, and remember to focus on what truly resonates with your skills and interests.

This list has certainly provided you with plenty of options to consider, so enjoy the journey as you navigate your career path!

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