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7 Easy Online Jobs at Home Using a Phone in 2023

Nowadays, getting online jobs at home using a phone is the trend.

Yep. the world has changed, and so has the way we work. 

With the advent of technology, more and more people are opting for online jobs that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes.

And what better device to work from than your trusty mobile phone? 

That’s right! You can now “make bank” from your couch with these online jobs perfect for anyone looking for a flexible, remote lifestyle.

The possibilities are endless, and the demand for these jobs is skyrocketing. 

Here are some off-the-charts online jobs you can do using a connected phone.

man uses smartphone for online jobs at home using a phone

7 In-demand Online Jobs at Home Using a Phone

These online jobs are a convenient way to escape the daily grind of commuting to work. 

They can also make you a decent income, especially if your current job doesn’t put good food on your table or you want to earn extra cash. 

We have scoured the internet for the best online jobs you can do from home using a mobile phone.

1. Social Media Manager

Pay rate: $15 to $40 per hour

Picture this: you roll out of bed, grab your phone, and start your day by managing a company’s social media presence. 

As a social media manager, you can use your phone to craft witty tweets, curate stunning Instagram posts, and engage with a community of followers. 

And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your cozy bed.

In the US, social media managers earn about $6000 monthly, enough to sponsor your next vacation trip to Disneyland or replace your old TV. 

And you can find similar jobs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Indeed.

2. Online Tutor

Pay rate: $15 to $30 per hour

If you have a talent for teaching, you can become an online tutor. 

Using your phone, you can connect with students from all over the world and share your knowledge. 

You can even conduct virtual study sessions while lounging on your couch and sipping a cup of joe. 

No more commuting to a physical location, no more dealing with traffic or public transport, and no more wasting time between classes.

Online tutoring is rewarding in itself. You get to help your students achieve their academic and personal goals while still making some cha-ching on the side. 

Top-rated sites where you can easily find online tutoring jobs include Chegg, Myprivate Tutor, TutorMe, etc.

3. Freelance Writer

Pay rate: $10 to $50 per hour

Does writing excite you? Then freelance writing may be the perfect online job for you. 

You can use your phone to create compelling content for clients, all while wearing your pajamas and enjoying a slice of leftover pizza.

Think about it – every day, we’re bombarded with all sorts of content. 

From social media posts to blogs to news articles, there’s always a demand for quality writing. 

If you can type very fast using your smartphone creatively, companies and individuals will hire you to write for them part-time or full-time. 

And platforms you can leverage for writing jobs are Upwork, Fiverr, and Linkedin. 

4. Virtual Assistant

Pay rate: $15 to $200+ per hour

For highly organized and detail-oriented people, being a virtual assistant is the way to go. 

With just a few taps on your phone, you can schedule appointments, respond to emails, and manage various tasks for your clients.

The beauty of virtual assistance jobs using a phone is that you don’t need to be in the same place as the person you’re helping. 

You don’t even need to be in the same state!

As long as you’ve got a phone and a can-do attitude, you can be a virtual assistant many companies want to hire. 

You can start immediately with websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. 

5. Online Translator

Pay rate: $20 to $30 per hour

Are you fluent in more than one language? Then you can put those skills to use by becoming an online translator. 

With just your phone, you can communicate with clients worldwide and help bridge language barriers.

You can also help organizations convert their content from one language to another, from articles, sales letters, legal documents, and medical reports. 

To succeed as a translator, you must know the nitty-gritty of the source and target languages and have a specialty in a chosen niche. 

Websites such as ProZ, Translatorsbase, and Gengo offer a plethora of translation job listings that you can explore anytime. 

6. Graphic Design

Pay rate: $25 to $50 per hour

If you have a knack for designing and you’re looking for a career that allows you to let your creative juices flow, graphics design jobs are for you!

By just fiddling with your phone, you can create stunning visuals and designs for companies and individuals from the comfort of your home.

These designs are used as business flyers, landing pages, brochures, and so on, which are all vital for commercial marketing. 

Usually, graphic designers with vast experience using tools like Adobe Photoshop are more sought after than those without. 

And if you want to start today, job search sites like Glassdoor, Linkedin, and Monster are there for you.

7. Customer Service Representative

Pay rate: $15 to $23 per hour

Let me tell ya, the demand for customer service reps is hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day! Here’s why. 

Customer service reps help businesses engage with their customers, whether responding to their inquiries or assisting them in solving a problem. 

The fun part? You don’t even need a computer to work as a customer service rep. 

The sky is the limit as long as you have a working phone and impeccable interpersonal skills!

Like every other job, customer service job listings are available on platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and the rest.

Tips For Getting Hired For Online Jobs at Home Using a Phone

You may have a phone, a stable internet connection, and lots of free time to work, but you might struggle if you don’t know how to land the best online jobs you can do using your phone.

So here are some tips for getting employed easily from the confines of your room:

Start with mobile job apps

If you want to find remote jobs you can do using your phone, there is a host of mobile-friendly apps you should consider.

They include JobGet, Steady, Survey Junkie, and others. With these apps, you can easily find local gigs with decent pay. 


You must have in-depth knowledge of your craft to have an edge over your competitors and easily land more work-from-home phone jobs.

Before applying for the next job, take up new courses, gain new certifications, and add related skills to your portfolio. 

Go for jobs that interest you

Make sure that the job you’re applying for matches your interests.

If you feel a certain position will burn you out or would need some specialized skills you don’t have, then don’t go for it. 

Show a great work attitude

When you have the chance to freelance with a client, be professional from the onset.

Be honest about your abilities and rates, work at a fast pace, and meet deadlines to build a good reputation on any platform you work with.

FAQs About Online Jobs at Home Using a Phone

Can I do typing job from my phone?

Yes! If you can type and send messages to your friends on Facebook using your phone, you can do any typing job and make money from it. 

These jobs include freelance writing, translation, and video captioning. 

Which app is best for online jobs?

Linkedin is hands down the best app for finding online jobs you can do from your phone. 

According to TopResume, 77% of employers rely on Linkedin to scoop the best available talent. 

If you can create and optimize your profile here, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired.

Do I need unlimited data to work from home?

Yeah. Most clients will require you to have unlimited data to effectively communicate with your co-workers, attend virtual meetings and be always available whenever they need you.

Online Jobs at Home Using a Phone – Summary

So there you have it, guys: a whole world of online job opportunities, all available right from the palm of your hand. 

With just a few clicks on your mobile device, you can dive headfirst into the exciting world of remote work and start earning some serious dough. 

Whether you want to make a quick buck or build a long-term career as a stay-at-home parent or student, there’s no better time to jump on the bandwagon and start hustling.

After all, as the old saying goes, “time is money,” and with the convenience of working from home, you can save yourself some serious time while making a whole lot of that green. 

So what are you waiting for, friend? Grab your phone now and start exploring those online job opportunities waiting for you to seize them!

Feel free to drop your questions or comments in the comment section below if you have them. And also, tap the “Read Next” button to read other related content!