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Hey, Explorer! Here are 23 Online Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World in 2023!

So, your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go. But wait… are you sure your pocket money can cover your expenses while traveling around the world?

Why not look for an online job that you can do while traveling?

Remote jobs are the new trend in job requests these days. 

They allow people to work from any location and at any time, which is especially useful for those who want to spend more time with their family or need to be near home. 

So if you’re on the hunt for online jobs that you can do while traveling, we got here 23 options you can check out!


23 Online Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

1. Blogging

You’re already traveling and can’t wait to tell your friends all about your experience. So here’s an idea: write your own travel blog!

This is perfect for anyone who loves putting their newfound learning into words and likes sharing their experiences with others.

Here, you’ll only need your laptop and your ideas (which we’re pretty sure you always carry with you!)

And since you’re constantly traveling, you won’t run out of topics to write about.

2. Web Developer

This one here is for an experienced professional as a Web Developer.

The job of a web developer is already 100% online. It can actually be beneficial for you and your potential employer to offer your expertise remotely as a freelance or full-time employee. 

Web developers are also in high demand as software companies replace most online service providers, so you better take advantage of that!

3. Data Entry Operator

Data entry jobs are perfect for beginners as the barrier to entry is pretty low.

As a data entry operator for a company, all you have to do is transfer data into their system. This could be in the form of transcribing documents, videos, or audio into text format.

Pretty easy, right?

4. Virtual Assistant

If you’re someone who likes organizing their calendar, managing small tasks and helping someone, you can be a virtual assistant!

All you have to do are simple, basic tasks for your clients—writing emails, booking appointments, or handling calls, depending on your employer’s business.

This is also perfect for beginners since the tasks usually aren’t too hard to fulfill.

5. Social Media Manager

If you know how to edit or enhance photos and write compelling captions for any social media site, being a Social Media Manager could be your thing!

This is especially true if you got a solid understanding of creating good content and turning them into comments, likes, shares, and engagement!

Basically, you’ll need to handle marketing tasks for your clients to ensure their social media account gets a lot of traffic and has relevant and updated content.

You’re probably doing this already for your socmed accounts, so why not earn some money from this skill, right?

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be done in many different ways—blogs, YouTube videos, or posts on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok,

The most important thing in making money thru affiliate marketing is getting a lot of traffic or clicks to a link.

Your article, videos, or posts should be able to attract people to tap your affiliate link to different online products, which, hopefully, you convinced them to buy. Why? Because you will get a commission for every sale that comes through your link!

7. Copywriter

If you like selling stuff online through written words, copywriting is the perfect job for you. 

Your tasks are writing all sorts of copy to convert as many sales as possible for a certain business. 

You will write emails, ads, websites, and more. No surprise that copywriting can be one of the jobs that can get you a lot of money.

8. Phone Operator (or Customer Support)

You got your phone; you got your laptop—what could you do? We know! Phone operator/ Customer support!

All you have to do is take incoming calls from the 24/7 service hotline of a company (which could be advantageous for you even if you’re working in a different time zone.)

You will assist people—or customers—that have specific questions or problems with a product or service of the company you’re working for.

You do this by giving instructions over the phone or redirecting them to an appropriate service. Easy peasy!

9. Online English Tutor

If you got a pretty good command of the English language, you could leverage that to earn a solid income from tutoring it online. 

You’d be surprised to learn that there are a lot of scholars wanting to learn English from all over the world. 

Here, you can use websites like Cambly or Preply, which are both easy to use. 

On Cambly, you don’t even have to teach anyone. You can just talk to foreign people who are learning English to help them practice and get paid for that.

10. Graphic Designer

A good graphic designer can earn a lot of cash by designing logos, posters, art cards, infographics, and other visual material for websites, companies, institutions, and individuals.

All you need is your usual equipment (a laptop or just a tablet computer could work, too) and your creative chops, of course, then you’re good to go!

Here, you can get paid per milestone or on a project basis—all up to you.

11. Translator

This is the perfect job for you if you’re multilingual. 

While AI is on the rise, businesses still rely on real people to translate texts for them. And since you don’t need a lot of equipment for this gig, it’s perfect for traveling.

12. Instagram Influencer

If you have a large following on Instagram, you can leverage that and get paid pretty handsomely.

Through sponsorship deals and affiliate programs, you can earn tons of money as an influencer.

However, this do take a while to do, especially if you’re starting from scratch. But hey, if you got the content that people will be interested in—you’ll probably achieve this in no time!

And who knows, maybe your next sponsorship deal will book your next flight for you!

13. Photographer

You’re already traveling the world, so why not find a way to monetize that? Being a photographer is the perfect way to do so.

Here, you can share your travel stories and experiences thru your camera lenses.

If you know you got the eye for travel photography, create an aesthetic website or even just an Instagram account to either sell your photos or just act as a solid portfolio.

You can even actively reach out to individuals or companies to sell them your stuff. So just get out there and snap away!


14. Programmer

Being a programmer is another job opportunity for making a good living while traveling the world.

As a programmer, you’re spending hours working on a computer anyways, so why not do that while vacationing in Spain, for example?

To explain briefly, programmers usually code software or check errors in existing codes, so you should have tons of soft skills in this area.

15. Sell Courses Online

If you have a lot of expertise on certain topics, you can create a course around that and sell it online.

The only hard task here is to get a lot of eyeballs to your course. 

Luckily, there are a bunch of websites available where you can upload your course and get views from their existing audience.

16. Online Coach

If creating an online course isn’t really your thing but you still want to teach your skill or knowledge remotely, being an online coach is your way to go.

Here, you can offer one-on-one masterclass sessions or act as a counselor. 

One coaching session can be quite expensive, which can be really profitable, especially when you become a well-known online coach.

17. SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist, you’ll be responsible for optimizing a website to get as many visitors as possible. 

Companies rely on excellent SEO to get their website higher in the search rankings, which can bring them pretty pennies. 

This means they will also pay a lot for this service, so it’s worth a try especially if you have years of experiences in this field.

18. Sales Person

One career that’s probably not going to go out of style is in sales.

Companies hire remote sales people in lots of different niches. 

Whether these are Saas companies, agencies, or education companies, everyone needs people to sell their products or services. Because of this, the pay for working in sales can be really attractive.

So if you got a talent in converting sales pitch into actual bucks, this could be the job for you!

19. Transcriber

Now, on to another job that’s good for beginners.

Transcribers can travel the world while working remotely. All you need to do is transcribe documents, audio or video files into text. 

However, since the task itself isn’t too demanding, you shouldn’t expect to get rich from it.

But still, it’s a decent source of extra income for when you’re just trying to stay in your hotel room.

20. Video Editor

If you can edit videos to make them more enjoyable, cinematic, or professional-looking, try a career as a video editor.

Depending on the niche you’re working in, the payment will vary. You can get paid hourly on a project basis, too, depending on your negotiations with your employer.

Before applying, though, make sure you got a compilation of all your edited reels in the past. Experienced editors are mostly in demand, but maybe you could also try your hand at it as a beginner.

In general, video editors can be a really good way to earn money so it’s worth giving a try!

21. Online Yoga Instructor

For the health conscious traveler who’s looking into sneaking in their favorite workout while earning money in between sight seeing, becoming an online yoga instructor could be the one for you!

Not only is this a stylish remote job (take photos for the ‘gram!), but this pays well, too.

Here, you can teach your yoga students how to be zen while doing different poses. You can conduct yoga classes on your web platform, which can be done anywhere in the world. 

Just take note that you will first need a license for this, but getting it isn’t too hard. 


22. Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist, you will be responsible for social media marketing, email marketing, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing.)

Your job is to create a successful marketing strategy, execute the most important advertising practices, and much more.

Here, having a creative mind and exceptional communication skills are necessary—but at least, not something that would require you to be confined in a traditional office set up.

23. Proofreader

Proofreaders read through different pieces of text, ensuring the copy is error-free. 

So, if you have a good eye for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, an excellent understanding of the English language, and can work concentrated for multiple hours, try working as a proofreader.

Apart from that, your laptop, internet connection, and music (‘coz why not?) is all you need to work as a remote proofreader.

Final Thoughts: Online Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

These are only 23 of the online jobs you can do while traveling.

From easy jobs for beginners, like Virtual Assistance or Data Entry jobs, to services that can develop into a real online business, we cover everything for you.

As long as you got the grit and the persistence to live your dream life traveling around the world, you’ll definitely find the perfect remote work to suit your needs.

What made you decide to jump into remote working? Or have you been doing this for a couple of years now? We’d love to hear (or read!) your experiences in the comment section!