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Best 8 Websites that Pay High for Online Teaching Jobs This 2023

Are you looking for online teaching jobs to continue your career, but this time, in the comforts of your home instead of the 4 corners of a classroom?

A smart gadget, stable internet connection, basic language, or other subject knowledge are all you need to kickstart your online earning journey as a tutor.

Once you have these essentials ready, it’s time to jump in on all the legitimate and reliable online teaching platforms and start online teaching jobs. 

Sounds like the perfect plan, right? 

So without further ado, let’s explore some of the best remote jobs platforms that hire tutors, where you can apply immediately. 


8 Best Sites to Get Online Teaching Jobs

1. Preply

A wide range of subject modules is usually enjoyable and easy to pick from when teaching. Preply, fortunately, provides exactly that.

On this teaching jobs website, you can teach languages, school and university subjects, hobbies, and art from home. 

The platform also allows you to connect with students from 180 countries through the platform.

Hence, even when this platform charges a commission from you on your teaching earnings, it excludes the struggle and marketing costs to discover students from all over the world, video tools, and learning materials. 

Furthermore, the commission charged by Preply tends to decrease over time based on the hours spent. 

Applying Requirements:

The application process at Preply is quite simple, as the platform hires native and non-native English speakers. 

It doesn’t even require any specific qualifications, certifications, or degrees. All you need is the following:

● Communicative skills

● A stable internet connection and smart device with webcam and microphone (computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.)

● A compatible browser is installed; it can either be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari

● Interest in providing a personalized learning experience to international students

● 18 or 18+ age

How to Start Working?

Go to the website and click the ‘Apply to Preply’ link. Then:

● Sign up as a tutor

● Submit your response to some basic Preply questions

● Complete your profile

● Upload the Preply introduction video

● Once the profile is approved (which takes approx. 5 working days), you can start teaching according to the provided Preply curriculum

Payment: $15-$25/hour (without deducting lesson commissions)

2. Magic Ears

Do you know the basics of English? Then you can consider tutoring at Magic Ears, an online platform for students to study English. 

Hence, if you are fluent in English and have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in any topic or are currently pursuing your graduation, you can apply fairly easily.

This platform is intended to be an innovative online English learning platform established in the United States for kids aged 4 to 12.

The platform aspires to provide every child with a global classroom experience and online employment options for teachers worldwide. 

As a result, it guarantees a supportive and welcoming culture for teachers, making working for Magic Ears feel extremely rewarding!

Applying Requirements:

● Be a native English speaker from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa

● A Bachelor’s degree or active enrollment in a Bachelor’s degree program (student)

● A 120-hour ESL certification is necessary, or you must be prepared to obtain one after applying

● A reliable internet connection and a laptop/smart device with a microphone and webcam

How To Start Working?

Once you click ‘Apply Now’ on the platform and submit your details in the application, you must pass through various stages before you start working. 

It includes:

● Demo interview; It can be live or recorded

● A training video

● A trial demo

● Background Check 

● Contract Offer and Approval

Payment: Up to $26/hour


3. VIPKid

VIPKid, based in Beijing, connects young Chinese learners with enthusiastic native-English-speaking teachers by offering individuals language-based online teaching jobs.

As a VIPKid instructor, you’ll use their innovative platform as your virtual classroom to conduct private lessons with kids in China.

As a teacher here, you’ll only need to develop interesting teaching objects; the platform will supply the rest of the lesson ideas.

What’s more? At VIPKid, bonuses and student referrals will also be available to teachers as ways to boost their salaries.

Applying Requirements:

● A Bachelor’s Degree and prior teaching experience

● A basic ESL certification

● A driver’s license and social security number (for background check)

● Internet connection and computer/laptop/phone

How to Start Working?

● Start by creating an account. Make sure to add an email address to communicate with the platform.

● Perform a VIPKid interview. This is usually designed as a mock class for a specific VIPKid trainer or teacher, where you must present your teaching preparation and skills. 

● Once approved, you can sign a contract and start teaching immediately.

Payment: $14-$18/hour (with additional incentives available)

4. SayABC

SayABC is another platform based in Beijing that offers online tutoring opportunities. 

This platform teaches English to students aged 5 to 12 in China.

The organization also provides one-to-four online programs conducted by certified teachers. 

Another element that makes SayABC a suitable platform for teaching employment is the speed with which new applications are onboarded. 

Thus, you may create an account in less than two weeks, submit your information, and begin teaching. 

This online tutoring jobs platform also accepts non-native English tutors and one with a neutral accent.

Applying Requirements:

● A Bachelor’s degree

● Minimum 1 year of teaching experience

● A teaching certificate

● Exceptional English and communication skills

● Internet connection and a laptop/smart device with microphone and webcam.

How to Start Working?

If you match the conditions above, you can apply for SayABC by completing these steps:

● Sign up using the link provided on the website

● Schedule a life or submit a self-recorded interview

● Conduct class evaluations with students

● Sign the agreement/contract

Payment: $15-$21/per lesson


5. Lingoda

Unlike other remote jobs offering platforms in this list, Lingoda does not require tutors to be fluent in English. 

Furthermore, as one of the greatest online language-learning schools, this platform links you with thousands of dedicated language learners worldwide.

Lingoda allows you to teach four languages: French, English, Spanish, and German.

Furthermore, with lessons available 24/7, all courses are made up of small groups of adult students, and you may establish your hours.

Applying Requirements:

● 2-3 years of teaching experience

● A TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate for teaching your chosen language

● C2 level or above in the language you choose to teach

● 18 or 18+ age

● Basic English speaking skills

● Speedy internet, a webcam, and a headset

How to Start Working?

To become a teacher at Lingoda, you need to:

● Sign Up

● Fill in your details

● Proceed with the scheduled 30-minute long online teacher interview and demo lesson

● Take the new teachers’ test

● Once you pass the test with a 100% score, you will receive your teacher account details to start teaching. 

Payment: Not fixed. (It depends on your location, qualifications, and the language you teach)

6. ITutor

Despite the huge demand, only some platforms offer a good pay for your time and class preparation when approaching remote jobs, especially online tutoring jobs. 

However, in the pool of potential teaching platforms, even those offer great payouts while having more specific requirements from the teachers. 

One similar platform to make money online is ITutor. 

iTutor is a web-based educational service that collaborates with school districts nationwide to provide homeschooled students with academic support, credit recovery services, and standardized test prep materials. 

You may also set your teaching hours with this platform.

However, for ESL students in China, Taiwan, and Japan, you’ll need to be available during a schedule with 10 peak hours, four of which will fall on the weekend. 

Contracts at ITutor can run for up to a year, and overtime pay is also available.

Applying Requirements:

● Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited US-based college/university

● An active, state-issued US teaching certificate, either TEFL or CELTA

● Relevant teaching experience

● Ability to work during peak hours

● A laptop or desktop with a speedy internet connection, a quality webcam, and a headset.

How to Start Working?

To apply for teaching jobs at ITutor, choose a position and click on ‘apply for this job.’ 


● Submit the information required by the platform

● Complete an internet speed test

● Record a teaching demo (it should include a teaching and rubric model)

● Upon final approval, which will take 2 business days, submit the required documents

● Create your account

● Complete iTutor Educator Orientation

● And start teaching!

Payment: $1,500-$3000 monthly

english tutor teaching students worldwide

7. QKids

QKids is another good option for teachers who want to supplement their income with online teaching jobs while maintaining their current careers. 

Thus, you can choose from various early morning or late night teaching schedules seven days a week and make some decent extra money.

With its headquarters in Xiamen, this online teaching jobs platform is designed to be a narrative game-based learning platform with interactive lessons accessible to over 600,000 Chinese students.

What’s more? You will get to educate alongside cute cartoon characters as a QKids instructor through animated storytelling and interactive games. 

Furthermore, your work only got easier since the platform provides tutors with lesson plans.

You can also increase your teaching salary by taking advantage of attendance and performance bonuses. So it’s a win-win in every way. 

Applying Requirements:

● Be able to work lawfully in the United States or Canada

● Have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject

● Have a teaching certificate, such as TESOL/TEFL/CELTA, or a teaching license

● Be able to dedicate at least six hours every week for six months

● Have a reliable internet connection, a headset, and a microphone attached to a laptop or desktop computer

How to Start Working?

To teach at QKids, you need to:

● Fill in your basic details and upload the required documents

● Pass initial screening

● Attempt the first demo interview

● Attempt a second demo interview

● Submit details for background check (if any other documents are required)

● Once your profile is approved after a background check, you must conduct a trial class based on 5 lessons with students

● After your trial class is approved, sign the six-month contract and start teaching.

Payment: $16-$20/hour

8. Italki

Last but not least, Italki, the world’s largest marketplace for online language teachers, allows you to teach any language you’re fluent in. 

You must, however, be a native speaker of the language you wish to teach.

Italki’s language instruction is divided into two levels: Community Tutor and Professional Teacher. 

Another significant difference between this platform and other online job platforms is that it allows you to set your teaching rate. 

Applying Requirements:

● 18 or 18+ age

● Native or near-native speaker

● Experience or certificate of teaching a language as a second or foreign language (only required by professional teachers)

● A microphone, webcam, and stable internet connection

How to Start Working?

To apply for remote jobs at Italki, you must check if the platform offers online tutoring jobs in your preferred language. If it does, then:

● Proceed to the sign-up page and ‘Start Your Application.’

● Answer the questions asked by the platform

● Fill in the required details

● Complete your profile and submit it

● Record and upload two Italki introduction videos (one according to the platform’s guidelines and the other focused on you as an Italki teacher)

● The platform takes up to 10 business days to review and approve the application

● After approval, submit the additional required documents

● Complete the guided tutorial

● Pass the given quizzes

● Start teaching

Payment: Depends on the rates you set, but most teachers earn up to $12-$25/hour


FAQs about Online Teaching Jobs

What is the best online teaching site in 2023?

With the growing popularity of e-learning, the opportunities for online teaching jobs have also increased. 

Considering that some of the best online teaching sites to earn from in 2023 are Magic Ears, Preply, and VIPKid. 

How can I teach online?

You need a stable internet connection, a laptop/desktop/phone with headphones, and a webcam. 

These are the basics. However, some websites have additional requirements, such as attending demo interviews, having teaching certificates, or having past teaching experience.

Do you need a qualification to teach online?

Usually, most platforms require tutors to have a certain degree for the subject they will teach online. 

But, some companies and online platforms still offer tutor jobs without demanding a degree.

Online Teaching Jobs: Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re ready to abandon your 9-5 and experience a better work-life balance. In that case, it’s time to start a new career as an online teacher.

Are you a teacher already? Great! So you may smoothly shift from the classroom to teaching and managing your classes online.

The number of online teaching jobs platforms available today is limitless, including several other platforms like English Hunt, Oakary, Synthesis School, English First, and many more. 

Yet, when starting your journey with remote jobs, it is best to choose platforms that are simple to use and pay well for you to generate money online.

With our list of the best and most credible online tutoring job platforms in this detailed article, you’re just one step away from starting your online earning journey as a tutor. 

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