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Things to Sell at School: Top 10 Trending Items Students Will Love!

Looking for creative things to sell at school? You’re in the right place!

In today’s world, having a side hustle is not only for adults but also for students like you.

Selling items at school can be an exciting way to learn about business basics, including income, expenses, and profit margins.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to make a little extra cash!

In this article, we’ll dive into some unique and sought-after products that you can sell to fellow students.

These options cater to various tastes and ages, ensuring you’ll find something both fun to sell and appealing to your peers.

From popular snacks, candy, and drinks to handmade crafts and niche products, there are so many things you can sell at school.

So buckle up, and let’s explore the exciting world of selling at school to step up your entrepreneurial game.

Things to Sell at School

Understanding the School Market

Identifying Student Needs

To thrive in the school market, you need to understand the students’ needs.

Start by observing what your peers buy during breaks or after school.

Are they looking for snacks, school supplies, or something else?

Remember that popular items in this market often cater to taste, convenience, and affordability.

Remember always to prioritize products that will adhere to school rules and regulations.

By understanding student needs, you’ll have a solid foundation for choosing the right items to sell at school.

Best Selling Times

Timing is essential when it comes to selling at school.

Focus on the periods between classes, during lunchtime, and after school, as these are when students have the time and interest to browse and purchase your goods.

Remember that marketing your products during these busy times can be hectic, so prepare yourself and your inventory beforehand.

To maximize sales, consider offering special deals or discounts during peak times.

By understanding the school market and identifying the needs of your fellow students, you’ll be well on your way to making a successful side hustle selling items at school.

Remember to keep the products relevant and affordable and to make the most of the best-selling times.

Things to Sell at School School Supplies

Product Ideas

School Supplies

You can always find a market for school supplies at school! Some popular items that students need regularly include pencils, notebooks, pens, and erasers.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with fun designs or unique themes to make your products stand out.

Food and Snacks

Treat your fellow students to some delicious food and snacks!

From candy to cookies, there’s a wide range of tasty items you can offer.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even provide some homemade baked goods or healthy options like fruit and trail mix.

Clothing Items

T-shirts, hoodies, and novelty socks are all popular clothing items that you can sell at school.

Create unique designs based on popular trends or even customize items for school clubs, sports teams, and events.

Don’t forget about shoes, hats, and other accessories to complete your offerings!

Things to Sell at School  Books and Study Material

Books and Study Materials

Students are always in need of books and study materials.

Look for popular novels, textbooks, or review books and offer them at a discounted price.

You could also sell helpful study guides, flashcards, and summary notes for various subjects.

Jewelry and Accessories

Expressing personal style with jewelry and accessories is a popular pastime for many students.

Offer a variety of items such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, key chains, and even small toys.

Consider handmade or unique pieces to make your products stand out.

Unique Items

Bring something different to the table with unique items like bookmarks, stickers, and magnets.

These affordable and fun products can be personalized with school spirit, popular sayings, or your own artistic touch.

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!


There’s always a demand for stationery items in school.

Offer a range of products like notepads, personalized stationery, cute sticky notes, and an array of colorful pens and highlighters.

Attention to detail and fun elements can make all the difference in setting your products apart from the rest.

Services to Offer

Exciting times are ahead of you! As a student, there’s more to sell at school than just products.

You can also offer valuable services to your peers to earn some cash.

Here are a couple of fantastic services you could provide with ease.

Tutoring Services

Your excellent skills and good grades can become extra income.

Offering tutoring services in subjects you excel at is a great way to help your classmates and make money.

You can provide one-on-one sessions, group study sessions, or even create study materials for your peers.

This not only sharpens your own knowledge but also builds your reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable tutor.

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Task Services

Another way to generate income at school is by offering task-based services.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Phone charging: Always carry a portable charger and charge your friends’ phones for a small fee. This is especially helpful for those who forget to charge their devices in the morning.
  • Shoe cleaning: Set up a small shoe-cleaning station during break time. Many students would appreciate a quick shoe cleanup before heading back to class. A nice, clean pair of shoes can make their day brighter!
  • Running errands: Offer to run errands for your classmates, such as buying them lunch or snacks during breaks. This saves them time and keeps them busy earning money during school hours.

By offering these services, you’ll not only gain experience in helping others but also make a nice profit.

So, go ahead and become the go-to person at your school by providing these in-demand services.

Let the excitement begin!

Things to Avoid Selling

When you’re brainstorming about the things to sell at school, it’s also important to consider what items to avoid selling.

Ensuring the items you choose to sell are both safe and appropriate is crucial.

Firstly, avoid selling any inappropriate or offensive items.

This includes clothing with offensive slogans, explicit content, or items that promote negative behaviors.

Your school environment should be a safe and welcoming space, and selling these items can be harmful to others and have negative consequences for you.

Another set of items to avoid selling are items that are banned or restricted by your school’s policies.

This may include items such as sugary snacks, energy drinks, or certain toys.

Before selling anything, make sure to familiarize yourself with your school’s rules and regulations.

It’s also important not to sell counterfeit or pirated items.

Selling knock-off designer goods or unlicensed merchandise can land you in legal trouble, and it’s unethical to profit from someone else’s hard work.

Consider sourcing unique, high-quality, and original products.

Lastly, avoid selling items that pose safety hazards or health risks.

This includes homemade food products without proper hygiene standards, sharp objects, or unsafe electronics.

Prioritize selling safe items for both you and your fellow students to use and consume.

Maximizing Profits

When it comes to selling items at school and making extra money, maximizing your profit potential is essential.

With the right strategies in place, you can quickly turn your small business venture into a successful operation.

Let’s explore some crucial aspects of maximizing profits by focusing on two key areas: pricing strategy and promotion ideas.

Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is a critical factor in determining how much money you can make.

Start by researching the best things to sell at school to determine what’s most popular and has the highest potential profit margin.

Next, consider the following approaches when setting your prices:

  • Competitive pricing: Compare your prices with those of other sellers in your school to see what the average market price is and aim to be competitive.
  • Cost-based pricing: Look into the cost of goods and consider how much you need to charge to cover your expenses while still making a reasonable profit.
  • Value-based pricing: Understand your target audience and determine the price they will pay for the items you’re selling.

Promotion Ideas

Promoting your products effectively is another essential aspect of generating extra money from your school-based business.

Excite your fellow students and boost interest in your products with these promotion ideas:

  • Word of mouth: Encourage your friends to share information about your products with their peers and leverage the power of recommendations.
  • Social media: Use platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to advertise your products, offering teasers, promotions, and limited-time deals.
  • Incentives: Offer discounts and deals for bundle purchases, referral rewards, and repeat customers.
  • Engaging packaging: Make your products more appealing by adding creative and eye-catching packaging.

By implementing these promotion strategies, you can increase the visibility of your products, attract more customers to your business, and ultimately generate more sales and profits.

Things to Sell at School

Things to Sell at School: Final Thoughts

Congratulations on discovering various things to sell at school!

Your entrepreneurial journey has taken an exciting turn as you have explored a range of items that can sell quickly and bring in profits.

Whether it’s selling sandwiches, fruits, snacks, or candies, there’s something for everyone.

With these great ideas in mind, you can start planning your next steps.

Remember to evaluate your market: know your audience, their preferences, and which products will most likely succeed in your unique school environment.

Don’t forget that presentation can make a difference when selling your items at school.

A well-packaged and visually appealing product is more likely to catch your classmates’ attention and make them want to buy from you.

So, feel free to get creative with your offerings!

By taking advantage of the captive market at your school, your future success as a young entrepreneur looks promising.

Enjoy the process, learn from your experiences, and watch your profits grow.

Good luck on your school-selling adventure!

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