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Work-from-Home Typing Jobs You Should Look Out For in 2023

Work-from-home typing jobs have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

With the rise of the internet and digital technologies, many jobs can now be done remotely. 

These jobs involve using a computer to type documents, emails, and other written materials. 

So if you have a computer and can type fast, why not consider them?

This article will enlighten you on what you need to know about work-from-home typing jobs like transcription or copywriting and how to attract better clients. 

What You Should Know About Work-from-Home Typing Jobs

The beauty of these typing jobs is that they often require minimal qualifications and experience. 

Plus, they can be done from the comfort of your couch or while you sip your coffee at Starbucks.

They are a flexible and convenient way to ditch your office job’s tedious 9-5 grind and live on your terms. 

So, without further ado, let’s see how each works!

Best Work-from-Home Typing Jobs in 2023

1. Data Entry

Pay Rate: $20 per hour

Every business needs to store data to conduct market analysis, track performance, and reduce the chances of theft. 

However, storing data can take time and effort for any manager. This is where data entry specialists come in. 

They have what it takes to gather and enter data into the computer’s storage system, such as customer information or inventory numbers. 

But before inputting it into the database, they ensure it’s accurate by checking for errors. 

Therefore, good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other database software is necessary to succeed in this role. 

2. Transcription

Pay Rate: $22 per hour

You can make money while at home as a transcriptionist. 

A transcriptionist is someone that converts audio or video recordings into written documents. 

Companies can hire you on a freelance basis or full-time to type out interviews, meetings, podcasts, and other content recorded in audio or video format. 

You may be asked to deliver verbatim or nonverbatim work. 

Whichever it is, you must have fast typing speed, attention to detail, and solid knowledge of grammar and punctuation to meet your client’s needs. 

3. Captioning

Pay Rate: $30 per hour

Similar to transcription, captioning involves transcribing audio or video content into written text, which is used to caption live TV shows, pre-recorded videos, and webinars. 

Captions are those words that appear when you turn on the subtitles or closed captions for a movie or live video. They are written to make the content accessible to a broader audience. 

Usually, clients look for captioners with high levels of accuracy when typing fast. 

So if you can show them you’ve got it in you, they will hire you to work for them on the spot. 

As a captioner, you transcribe everything from live events, movies, sports broadcasts, or even a court hearing. 

So, it helps to have excellent listening skills and an eye for detail. 

You should also choose a field you have experience in or a language you are conversant with, as most captioning jobs demand that. 

Overall, it’s a great job you can start doing from home and get paid well.

4. Freelance writing

Pay Rate: $40 per hour

You should consider freelance writing if you’re a talented writer who loves wordsmithing. 

While you don’t need any qualifications or experience to become a freelance writer, you should at least have a strong interest in writing and a reliable internet connection. 

Freelance writing involves creating short or long-form content like blogs, product descriptions, articles, etc. 

All of these can be done with a computer or even a smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

You can work independently with companies across various niches by writing content that matches their brand voice. 

Here, you can get paid hourly or per project. 

To succeed as a freelance writer, you must keep up with new trends in the industry. 

For instance, you should learn how to leverage AI to improve your skills and help your clients. 

Lastly, your ability to deliver a quick turnaround and meet deadlines can make you stand out from the competition.

5. Translation

Pay Rate: $30 per hour

Companies need translators who can convert their content from one language to another. 

The content may include books, articles, sales materials, medical records, and legal documents. Hence, a high level of fluency in both the source and target languages is essential. 

You must understand the cultural context and idiomatic expressions used in each language to convey the desired message to your target readers. 

Since you will translate some technical and medical documents, you must also have a solid knowledge of their terminologies to do that seamlessly. 

As a translator, you may work from home as a freelancer or move in-house with a company. 

And according to Glassdoor, you can be paid around $46,222 per year translating written text in the US. 

6. Copywriting

Pay Rate: $45 per hour

Have you ever bought stuff online? 

Chances are you read an ad or a sales letter that persuaded you to either click a link or fill out a form. 

Now, these promotional materials are written by copywriters whose job is to churn out highly converting copy for a company or organization. 

For a copy to be highly converting, it must have an emotional connection with readers. 

So if you know much about the nuances of good copy, including psychological triggers, you will be successful. 

You can find copywriting jobs in advertising agencies, marketing departments, and public relations firms. 

Here, you can write everything from email campaigns, social media ads and posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. 

And like other remote typing jobs, you may be hired as a freelancer, an independent contractor, or a part of a company’s team. 

7. Editing

Pay Rate: $40 per hour

Writers often make inevitable mistakes while creating content for a company. 

So, as an editor, your job is to review their draft copy to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to style guidelines. 

It could be books, articles, reports, and other promotional materials. 

There are several editing jobs you can take on if you have editing prowess. 

You could work with authors to shape the overall structure of a manuscript or spot grammatical and punctuation errors in a text and make better suggestions. 

Other times, you may focus on formatting inconsistencies and make sure that every copy is in tandem with a brand’s unique style. 

As a side note, you must understand the nuances of formatting styles like APA and MLA to excel in this role.

You should also be conversant with CMS software such as WordPress, although it depends on the client and the specific role. 

Work-from-Home Typing Jobs: How to Attract Better Clients

While work-from-home typing jobs can be an excellent option for anyone looking to supplement his income and have fun doing so, it’s a highly competitive market that requires the proper learning and experience to stand out and land the job of your dreams. 

Below are a few tips you should have in mind if you’re eager to build a solid and sustainable remote-working business: 

  • Have a strong online presence: Create a professional website and social media profiles that showcase your skills and experience. Make sure you’re consistent with your online presence and that your brand message is clear to everyone.
  • Network actively: Try to attend more industry events, join typing-related groups and communities, and connect with other professionals in your field. This will help you to expand your reach and showcase your skills to potential clients.
  • Gain more credentials: It’s not unusual to attract quality clients in your first few weeks when you have credentials that match a job’s description. So this is why you should take courses in your niche or go for advanced degrees you can add to your portfolio. 
  • Create a portfolio: Create a portfolio that showcases your best work and demonstrates your skills and expertise. Don’t forget to include testimonials and references from past clients. 
  • Be Proactive: Reach out to potential clients and offer your services. This can be done by sending cold emails, making phone calls, or sending direct mail. When you reach out to clients, some of them may demand a sample piece to see how it looks like working with you, so be open to that. 
  • Be transparent: Be honest and transparent about your rates, availability, and abilities. This will help you attract clients who value your skills and will pay you your worth. 
  • Be responsive: Be responsive to client inquiries and requests. This will enable you to establish trust with your existing clients. 
  • Leverage referrals: Don’t be shy to ask for referrals from previous clients. A positive recommendation from a satisfied client goes a long way to market you effectively.

8 Tips on Detecting Work-from-Home Typing Jobs Scam

Guess you’re pumped up reading this and can’t wait to land your first work-from-home typing job.

That sounds interesting, but there’s something you must know first. 

Work-from-home scams exist, and many unsuspecting victims have fallen for them in the past. 

These treacherous acts are done by fraudsters who appear as company representatives or online contractors to make you an offer too good to be ignored.  

Imagine being promised a dream job with flexible hours, only to discover that you’ve been duped and lost hard-earned money. 

That’s an overwhelming and emotional experience nobody wants to have.

So this is why we have uncovered some of these popular scams dangled at new remote typists before and how to avoid them.

They include:

  • Remote jobs that promise high pay for little work and require an upfront fee to start.
  • Business opportunities that demand a significant investment with little to no training or support.
  • Unsolicited email-related jobs that ask for your personal or financial information.

And you can avoid them by:

  1. Doing your research: Look up the company’s website and read customer reviews. Check if the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau or has any negative press.
  2. Being skeptical of jobs that require an upfront fee or ask for personal information such as your social security number. Legitimate employers typically do not ask for these things.
  3. Ensure the job listing is on a legitimate job board or the company recruits through a professional recruitment agency.
  4. Looking for a clear job description, application, and interview process. 
  5. Suspecting jobs that promise to pay you more than the industry standard.
  6. Being wary of get-rich-quick schemes, especially if they require you to pay an upfront fee.
  7. Being cautious of unsolicited job offers, particularly those that come via email.
  8. Trusting your instincts all the way. If something feels off about the job, it’s probably a scam.

FAQs on Work-from-Home Online Typing Jobs

How to start freelance typing?

You should start by learning how to type faster. And you can do that by taking up typing lessons. 

Then, pick a niche and market yourself using social media and other job sites. 

Which is the best website to earn money by typing?

There are several websites to find contract jobs or be hired full-time. 

But if you’re looking to start on the cheap, with no skills, then Upwork is perfect for you!

Can I do a typing job from my phone?

Sure! As a well-paid freelance writer, you can write blogs, newsletters, etc., with your smartphone using mobile-friendly apps like Google Docs. 

Work-from-Home Typing Jobs – Final Thoughts

Work-from-home typing jobs are one of the simplest jobs on earth, yet they pay more than most professional jobs. 

They are a smart way to escape the daily commute and live your dream life without feeling boxed in. 

Plus, most require little to no qualifications or experience from you. 

This means you can start today with a connected laptop or mobile device and earn money from home or anywhere in the world.

Wow, that was a great read, and we hope you enjoyed it too!

We look forward to your positive feedback and questions, if any, in the comment section below.

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